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Q + A Kathalia, Gwae, Marie, Duncan by Kathalia Q + A Kathalia, Gwae, Marie, Duncan :iconkathalia:Kathalia 8 1 Collaboration: Asami Horse TF Part 3 by Kathalia Collaboration: Asami Horse TF Part 3 :iconkathalia:Kathalia 39 7 Moonlight Maidens - Kathalia Bisclavret by Kathalia Moonlight Maidens - Kathalia Bisclavret :iconkathalia:Kathalia 37 2 Moonlight Maidens - Princess Peach by Kathalia Moonlight Maidens - Princess Peach :iconkathalia:Kathalia 51 2 Q + A Kathalia and Gwae 2 by Kathalia Q + A Kathalia and Gwae 2 :iconkathalia:Kathalia 12 4 Gift: Not a Unicorn (Chris Rhino TF) by Kathalia Gift: Not a Unicorn (Chris Rhino TF) :iconkathalia:Kathalia 28 9 Gwaehunt WIP 1 by Kathalia Gwaehunt WIP 1 :iconkathalia:Kathalia 21 6 Tifa the Red by Kathalia Tifa the Red :iconkathalia:Kathalia 50 5 Kathhunt WIP 1 by Kathalia Kathhunt WIP 1 :iconkathalia:Kathalia 26 17 Scarlett of Cobra (Redraw) by Kathalia Scarlett of Cobra (Redraw) :iconkathalia:Kathalia 34 6 QA Gwae 2 - Magic by Kathalia QA Gwae 2 - Magic :iconkathalia:Kathalia 18 11 Moonlight Maidens - Hermione Granger by Kathalia Moonlight Maidens - Hermione Granger :iconkathalia:Kathalia 79 8 Tattered Kilt Girls Contest 2017 - Joy by Kathalia Tattered Kilt Girls Contest 2017 - Joy :iconkathalia:Kathalia 35 5 Kathalia and Sarah Centaurs by Kathalia Kathalia and Sarah Centaurs :iconkathalia:Kathalia 47 8
Sarah and the Centaur Trap
    Sarah blinked slowly, the golden sunlight filtering through the trees above her and stinging her eyes. She found herself lying down on a patch of dirt and moss, the nearby sound of water running over loose stones growing more clear as her thoughts came into focus. She mumbled incoherently before her eyes shot open once more. She sat up, disoriented, looking around in a blind panic, not recognizing her surroundings. She was on the edge of a brook, towering trees of red and gold leaves surrounding her. Her purple sweatshirt stopped a noticeable chill as the win rustled around her, leaves floating through the air before landing on the dirt or continuing their journey along the watery path the brook was taking. Sarah swung her head back and forth, desperate for a familiar landmark. This was not where she had been moments before. She fell to her knees, legs splayed out helplessly as her pulse raced and her breathing. Nothing was familiar. She took a deep breath, hugging h
:iconkathalia:Kathalia 27 36
Commission: The Centaur's Curse by Kathalia Commission: The Centaur's Curse :iconkathalia:Kathalia 65 27

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Ooh, a new original character! Very nice, looking forward to see more of her and Cerice going forwards! From a design standpoint, I rea...

Great job, especially for your first animation! I am really impressed by how well it came out! I'm no good at animation myself, but hop...

From :iconprojectcomment: Since you mention them, the blur and overlay effects are quite nicely done. The swirling white effects and the "movement lines" ...

With Risky herself getting a new game (or at least DLC) soon, figured that this one deserved some actual feedback! In terms of the comp...

Overwatch TF 

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New Years Update and Things to Come

Thu Jan 4, 2018, 7:48 AM

Hello everyone and happy new year!

I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season and goes into 2018 refreshed.  I would like to again thank everyone who took the time to favourite, watch and comment over the past year.  I really appreciate it and it makes all of this worth it.

Personally, 2017 was a pretty stressful and far too busy time, with a lot of fairly momentous events and shifts.  While those are still ongoing, I hope to increase my posting output this year.  Between bouts of depression and dissatisfaction with the current state of my art, I created and shared far less artwork than I had hoped going into the year.  My goal for 2018 is to remedy this, posting more actual artwork and stories, and less journals excusing the lack of updates (off to a great start already...)   I have some plans I am excited to share with everyone.

First things first, I am largely caught up with most of my commissions, which is a good way to start the new year.  Below are the current lineup of those:

1. Single image :icone5111: (Coloured)
2. Trade :iconeduartboudewijn: (Ongoing)
3. Single Page  Prize :iconmattkind: (Sketch)
4. Prize: :iconskyewww: (Awaiting Response)

On the subject of commissions, I will be increasing the prices of commissions slightly in the near future.  This does not affect anyone who has already been in contact with me about potential future commissions who has been quoted a price.

My goal for this year is to try and get at least one drawing or story a week posted to the site and try to improve my craft.  In order to improve, feedback on both my drawing and writing is very very much appreciated!  I feel my art largely stagnated in 2017, so I want to work hard to rectify this in the upcoming year.  Additionally, I want to really start building up my original work, Kroashent.  I am hoping to post a lot more of that series as well and am working on a longer sequence set in the universe and other smaller project (including the character Q+As from a while back.  I haven't forgotten about them!)

Thanks for your support and I look forward to sharing my art with you over the next year!

Commissions, Trades and Gifts:

I'd like to take this time to share some of the amazing artwork and stories from other artists and friends on the site and give them the spotlight that they deserve.  Lots of amazing work!

COM Dragoness tf by Da-Fuze Peach's Reward (Peach Tf to Koopa Queen)It was another typical day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Toads strolled the streets and played and worked the day away. The sun shined down upon the land from above, and Princess Peach watched over her kingdom from her castle. Of course, also as usual, the Princess was rather worried that Bowser would appear and trash the place, AGAIN.
The princess’ worried musings were interrupted by a quiet little knock at her door. She opened it, and was somewhat surprised to see an out of breath Mailtoad standing in the doorway. “Here…..” He passed her a carefully wrapped package. “Someone dropped this at the post office and said it was urgent. I figured it might be rather important, so I’ve brought it directly to you.” Peach thanked the Mailtoad and showed him out. Once that was done with, she looked at the package quizzically. She hadn’t been expecting any mail, and things seemed to be relatively normal at the moment. She opened the package. Inside was a
Kagura by Inspector97 Lapis Lazuli Bimbo by AkuOreo The great and fuzzy Trixie by cqmorrell Kathalia bust Commission by veika Kathalia Bisclavret by Inspector97 Trade: Kathalia Dragon TF (Colored for Kathalia) by Sera-fuku Magical Mermay Metamophosis by SepiSnake

Mature Content

MerMay 2017 - Part TWO sketches by Toonexterminator

Mature Content

AT: the necklace of strength by oldiblogg
PL-Kathalia by DesingAHV Carolina Chase and the Burglar -Gift-Carolina Chase wiped her brow again as she stepped through the door of the luxurious manor she called home.  The entranceway of the estate felt unbearably warm to the adventurer, but then again she had just gotten back from an expedition to the North Pole; anyplace else would've felt warm after that.
As Callie hung up her coat, she noticed a handwritten note that'd been left for her on the end table.  The writing was backwards, like a reflection in a mirror; that alone was a major hint regarding who had written it.  Callie smiled knowingly as she held it up to a nearby mirror for decryption.
There was a little incident while you were gone.  I dealt with it, but we now have a new pet to take care of; you can find her in the study.  Come see me in person and I'll explain further.
--Your reflection

Intrigued, Carolina Chase made her way down the hallway to the study.  Right away, a new cage sitting on the table caught her eye.  Step

Mature Content

Birthday Pic - Winter Raven Gwaeron - by IvanksMW
The ring of Kurma by oldiblogg Collaboration: Asami Horse TF part 2 by EduartBoudewijn Carolina Chase and the Sphere Relic by IvanksMW Werefox 01 by locofuria Werefox 02 by locofuria Werefox 03 by locofuria Werefox 04 by locofuria

Mature Content

Werefox 05 by locofuria

Mature Content

Werefox 06 by locofuria

Mature Content

Werefox 07 by locofuria

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